2014: Thanks for Everything!!!

Welp folks, 2014 is just hours away from ending, and all I can really say is thank you. Thank you to all who visited OSL in it’s starting year. Thank you to all who commented on our stories. Thank you to all of our daily visitors. Because of you guys, what initially started out as an experiment will live on. Thank you, it has been a great 2014.

I can say that 2014 has probably been my most dynamic year to date. I shifted from high school to college, moved across the country to New York City, and most importantly started OhSoLofty.com as well as Lofty Design. And played a big part throughout the year! 2014 will go down as the year I actually stepped out into the world. I created something of my own and shared it with the world.

So for those of you who do not know, OSL is owned and operated by two college students. In July, I decided I needed something to do in my spare time, so I created OSL. I really wasn’t expecting much viewership, so I decided I’ll just use this website as my portfolio to demonstrate my work. Little did I know that OSL would receive the attention that it did. 

My first true car review was of my A6, which received about 1000 views in about 2 days. While that is not a lot of views when compared to Car and Driver, for a kid it is. I was ecstatic, twitching with excitement (and from the espresso I took minutes before). Because of that article, I kept writing and writing and writing for OSL. I played around with the design, took better pictures, and most importantly used my time proactively. I enlisted the help of my long time car buddy, Jack Lavish, and now OSL is able to provide more multidimensional content.

Now for some numbers. OSL up and running for about 5 months in 2014. In that time, we generated over 10,000 views! That’s about 2,000 views a month, 67 views a day, or 3 views an hour! That is a lot more than the 100 views I expected!

With 2015, we are hoping to quadruple our viewership. OSL is signing more writers, talking with big names for interviews, and most importantly we are going to stick with what we are doing. We will keep providing honest, entertaining, and lofty content. More cars will be reviewed, more pictures and videos will be taken, and more content will be pushed out regularly.

On a final note, I would like to address those who doubted me. When I first started OSL, people said I would get nowhere. They said that I’d be wasting my time, money, and energy on my website. They said that the time for starting a website had passed. Well, to those people I say thanks. Thanks for pushing my buttons, and for motivating me to prove you wrong. Because of you, I worked harder doing something I love to do. OhSoLofty.com is here to stay and to grow.

On behalf of all of OhSoLofty.com, I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! May all of you launch off the line like a GTR with Launch control (in English start off your year really well), and continue to tear down the endless road we call life.