OhSoLofty.com is the brainchild of Aatish “Lofty” Patel. Born and raised in the mean streets of Bloomingdale, Aatish lived a lofty life involving fine automobiles, hip hop music, and a lot of James Bond.

It was on one cruel summer’s day that Aatish’s sick, twisted mind decided to conceive what is now OhSoLofty.com. He was tired of waiting for life to catch up with (since he’s been in the passing lane all his life). He wanted to move his life ahead, thus creating OhSoLofty.com

Since automobiles are his life’s passion, he decided that his website will be centered on automobiles. But, he soon realized that there are a lot of sites that do this. So to differentiate OhSoLofty from the crowd, he decided on providing quality over quantity.

The articles on OhSoLofty.com have an artisans touch. Every detail, from the word choice to the word placement, has been pondered upon to ensure a style of writing and flow that is superior to all other automobile websites.

But even cars get boring after a while, so to keep things fresh Aatish decided to also include articles on his other interest, Hip-Hop and films. Expect articles on these to subjects to complement the automobiles.

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And remember.

Stay Lofty folks.