Lofty Tips of the Week: 2

Here are a few more tips to get you by this week!

“Proactivity is the best activity”

Being proactive during the day keeps you from being bored, gaining, weight, and making bad decisions. So when you have absolutely nothing to do, and your friends or family have forsaken you, make something for you to do. Draw a picture, watch a movie, go run a mile just do something. Personally speaking, since I am on my own here, I try and keep myself as busy as physically (and mentally) possible. I get ahead in schoolwork, I work on random ideas I have, and I write stuff for this website to name a few things. Don’t overload yourself though. If you get bored of doing something, then find something else to do. And for the record, there are proactive forms of relaxations…you just have to create them.

“Keep in touch”

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to stay up-to-date with all of his or her friends, family, and acquaintances. However, the world isn’t perfect, and we sometimes forget about people. So why not, on occasion, just call someone up to see what’s up? If they’re busy, then let them do their work, but I assure you that’ll call back. And who said calling was the only way to keep in touch. You could text, email, and write to a person to name a few ways. Not only will you pass some of your time productively, you’ll also pass the other persons times productively.

“Get a little brave”

The only way you’ll figure out how something is, is to try it, and I’m not talking about just food or activities. Do you have an idea for something new, creative, or innovative? Why not research about and possible contact a few people regarding your idea. That way, you’ll not only gain some insight onto how to make your idea a reality, but also create connections that could possibly help you down the road. The world is full of resources that you can use to learn something new; you just have to use them.