Lofty Tips of the Week: 3

Here are a few more tips to assist you in life.

“Have Fun…once in a while”

All work and no play is not only boring, but also hazardous for your health (physical and mental). Working hard and being productive is good, however doing nothing but work can put unnecessary stress on your body. Plus, focusing in on something (obsessing) can lead to you cutting other things out of your life, like family and friends. This could lead to depression, or maybe not. But who wants to take the chance. So on occasion, go out with friends, hit up some family, watch a movie, or go on a drive. Just do something that doesn’t involve work, and is stimulating to you.

“Drink Water!!!!!!!!!”


Ok, so this may be the effect of sleep depravation kicking in, but I’m going to write this tip down anyway. People need to drink more water! Not Gatorade, not Pepsi, not Vodka but water. Clear, uncolored, unflavored water. From the bottle or from the tap, it just has to be water (no molly water doesn’t count). It really surprises me at the little amount of water that people drink these days. Your supposed to get about 8 glasses of it a day or something like that. But with all of the Starbucks, McDonalds, and Gatorade available everywhere we go, water seems to be almost forgotten. Especially with college kids. Drinking water not only allows you to survive, but it also helps you stay cool, detox, and keep you healthy. So drink water. It’s good for you.

“Don’t over do it”

Nothing in excess is good for you, even seemingly good things. Too much cake will make you fat. Too much water leads to drowning. Too much money leads to…um I’ll get back on that one. (Hint: if it’s beginning to hurt, your over doing it) I guess this ties into the first tip a bit, but in broader terms. Basically set you limits. Know what’s a good point to stop doing something. 

 Overdid the sauce again didn't you Spongebob?!

Overdid the sauce again didn't you Spongebob?!