Lofty Tips: Finals Edition

With finals coming up for students of all types (which includes both of OSLs writers), I thought it would be appropriate to provide a few tips to assist with this turbulent time. So without further adieu, here are a few Lofty tips to help you get by finals.


“Start early, and study what you need to know”

A no-brainer, but never the less often over looked. You honestly should begin the studying/review process during the last week of classes. This means start gathering your notes, as any last questions, and ATTEND CLASS! Also, make a list of things you don’t know, but need to know. Studying and reviewing what you do know won’t help you out that much (shocker). So, try and go over the hard stuff; that’ll actually help you get some points on the final.


“Make a strategy/game plan”

This may sound a little strange, but bear with me. I view tests, and school in general honestly, as a giant strategy game. It’s all about how you managing your resources, to get the most out of them. So what are your main resources in school you may ask? Time, and energy. Plan on how you are going to manage your resources during finals. Are you going to study hard equally for all of your classes? Or are focusing more on a specific class? Also, it helps to know what you need to do to pass a class, in the case of college. For example, even though Chemistry is a super difficult subject, you may only need to average a 40% on the tests to pass the class (yes this is a thing in some schools). So, unless you’re a Chem major or passionate about the class, aiming for the A may not be worth the time/effort/blood/vomit/etc. It doesn’t matter if you pass with a D or an A; you still receive credits.


“Eat something other than Chipotle and Starbucks”

First off, they both suck. Now with that out of the way, eat something mildly healthy. Pita and Hummus is great!!! Even better if it’s homemade.





Finally, my personal secret to getting through finals. Pulling an all nighter is quite counter-productive. Not only will the quality of your studying suck, but when you are actually testing, your mental awareness will also suck (no coffee isn’t going to help). Sleep is going to give your brain the ability to recall information faster, as well as to work faster. Plus, if you had a rough day of finals, nothing is more relieving than a good nights sleep. So do yourself a favor, and get some sleep. You can go nocturnal after finals.