Lofty Tips of the Week: 1

In this new series of post, I will provide a couple general, but overlooked tips for dealing with life and leading to success. If you need a tip specific, just leave a comment below and I’ll try and provide my help. So without further a do, here are a few good tips success.

“Deliver on what you say”

This is a no brainer, yet people still ignore this tip. If you say your going to do a good job at something, or bake a cake for someone, or for sure find a way to rob JP Morgan Chase then you should do a good job, bake a cake, and Rob JP Morgan Chase. Delivering on what you say shows dependability, and leads to respect. People will find you reliable, and respect you. Likewise, if you don’t deliver on what you say, people probably won’t trust or respect you as much. So how can always deliver on what you say? Well for starters, actually think before talking. For example, say you’re a contract killer and you’ve been offered a job to “wack” the CEO of a pharmaceutical company. If you’ve done high profile jobs like this, then this shouldn’t be a problem for you, in which you could say “He won’t see it coming”. But say you’re a small time killer, the biggest game you “wacked” is the guy on the Wing Stops “wall of flame”. Making a ballsy claim, like the pro did, wouldn’t be the most appropriate thing. Thinking about your skill sets, schedule, and other things before making a claim. This way, you can say something that’s actually possible, which will seem more impressive than saying something impressive and not delivering.

Don’t Expect Too Much”

Ok this is my life’s motto. Never expect too much from anything. If you’re going to restaurant, don’t expect to be blown away, instead expect a nice meal. If you’re going to give a presentation on something, don’t expect it to be perfect, instead expect some problems and think of solutions. If you’re going on a first date, don’t expect a movie style ending; expect a nice date! Expecting too much, leads to disappointment, because we usually expect things to go off without a hitch in our favor. But the thing is, nothing is truly perfect. If you expect something to be perfect, and it isn’t, your going to feel somewhat disappointed, even thought the experience was relatively nice. Set realistic expectations, nothing too low and nothing to high.