A Post for a Friend...

So as I sit at my desk, after a long hard day of engineering courses, designing, and Chinese-Mexican food (don’t ask), I begin to write this post for a Miss Stompanato. I recall all of the activities that we conducted over the past summer…a very short and fast summer. From going to the movies (barley awake) to eating falafel to baking cookies, all of these things were memorable; and I’m not saying that because there is a gun to my head (there isn’t) but because we both truly had fun!


Now, with the end of summer and the start of college, my friend and I are separated by a staggering distance (970 miles to be exact). Tears were dropped, blood was shed, and money was blown, but we still stay in touch, through various means of social media. Including this website.


So on this special day, September 4, 2014, I would like to say something to my friend, Nia. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a great day, a great week, and a great year! I’m sure you will, you always do!  Hopefully we see each other soon. If not, we’ll definitely keep in touch J.