Lofty Tips of the Week: 6

Okay, so I know what you’re thinking: “Who is this random guy writing this article and why in the name of Hank Hill is he writing it?”

Well, I’ll get to that later….

BECAUSE after a measly month of pure lofty tip silence, we’re back baby! And just in time for every college student’s ACTUAL favorite past-time: slee-... I mean dri-... err... midterms? (Queue generic .mp3 file of kids cheering) Ready for more crucial life tips and tricks sent straight from the god’s directly to your computer screen? You best be, boys and girls of the internet.

"Don’t be a Salty jerk. Be nice and considerate…"

Do you know why we are put on this earth? Nope. Do I? Absolutely not. Would anybody within their right mind know? Not even the crazy lady standing on your local corner preaching of the dangers of sex and throwing tampons at random bystanders would (Yes, this is an actual occurrence) But I digress...

Nobody knows why we are here. But as long as we are here, we might as well do some good and be happy in our daily lives… you know, pass the smile on and so forth.

Whether it’s the dude you’ve seen walking on the quad with 50 metric tons of books in his bag, or that hot chick that you’ve been checking out in your manly underwater basket-weaving class, people are people. Hold the door open if they’re behind you, pick something up if they drop it, and so on… You can also have headphones on while doing this! Shocker! But don’t cancel out what is around you completely, because while you’re having a bad day, someone else might just be trying to make your day. Just interact with that big ole’ smile of yours.

(We know you have one, we’re watching you (not really)).

Anyways, Respect them and their space and at least try not to look like an ass-hat, because not only could that “nerd” with the 50 thousand Kilogram backpack be your boss in the future, but that hot girl could be too. And we DON'T have time travel to fix the saltiness... yet.

                                                                                                                   That's heavy, Doc...

                                                                                                                  That's heavy, Doc...


"… But don’t be afraid to be Bold in you’re (thought out) creations."

And what I mean by this is back up your claim in what you’ve created (hopefully you created it with at least half of a coherent thought) and don’t question it. It has happened too many times with peers and fellow classmates surrounding me, as well as myself, and it’s almost sickening.

Teacher/ Professor asks“What is the answer to 2 +x=3, jimmy?”

Jimmy responds “Why sir, I do indeed believe that answer is x=3/2.”

Higher authority responds “Are you sure about that, boy?”

*Young Jim-jams gets afraid, nervous, defecates all over his new pair of slacks*

Jimmy then responds with silence

Unfortunately, young Jimmy boy used division instead of subtraction and was wrong. Even if you look like a dunce with the wrong answer, it’s still an answer nonetheless. Don’t be like Jim, answer with the boldest “Yes sir, it is ____. May I please have another?” Use the logic you have learned thus far in your life to achieve a gain…. either that, or even challenge the logic if you feel need to. Even if you’re wrong, anybody can still correct you, and even if that has to be your teacher, you’re still learning through that. SO Right or wrong, don’t give in to the fear that holds you back from gaining knowledge or any other positive gain. Harness that fear, saddle up, and ride into the western sunset with that s***. Just make sure you give a good thought about it, though.


Anyways, that’s all for now guys, but before I log out of the interwebs, let's just take this right back to where we started

“Who is this fool?"

Well boys and girls, let me tell you a story set in a far away land...

It was a long time ago in Roselle, Il, and two boys had just met each other in kindergarten. From the moment these youngins met, the two had basically grown up with each other. Both were obsessed with cars for most of the time, and would talk about them for days, even making really dorky drawings of their tricked out rides (Yeah, it was pretty raw haha) The two rad dudes would hang together, whether it was after school or at a sleepover, and would always talk about their lives over a nice video game or episode of top gear: sometimes simultaneously.

Rumor has it that these two have stayed up until, like, 2 in the morning making Mexican pizzas and talking about how much shoulder they saw from that pretty girl in one of their classes.

Anyways, high school came (and eventually college), and these two boys drifted away from their spectacular bromance and proceeded with their lives, trying to keep contact whenever neither of them were busy.

Well one day, one of them made a website (Now this has to be obvious to you guys, come on) so spectacular, that it knocked the socks off of anyone browsing through it!!... Well, at least I thought so. Which is why I am presented before you, writing for this lovely website.

I, Anthony Ernest Scola (Yes, that’s ACTUALLY my middle name, fight me), have decided to help the lofty crew because I firmly believe this website is great... AND I guess I kind of like writing...

 I, a mechanical engineering undergrad like to informally write about things that interest me and influence me. I don’t believe in restrictions to what I should and should not write, unless specified by my homie (you know, the whole being nice deal) and I thoroughly swear when it comes to the writing that I WILL keep it fascinating and factual.

As a new edition to the Lofty team, I hereby promise to deliver only the best material I can find. I’m happy to be doing this with someone I can basically call a brother… Yeah, and I guess Lavish too (lolz, jk, I never knew you too much man, BUT we’ve played countless hours of Xbox 360 online, so I guess we kind of know each other a lot)

I can’t wait to show you guys what goes on through my mind about other cool stuff like this! In other words, just expect more quality articles on food, music, and tech (Been a while since I have brushed up on automobile stuff lol)!

At any rate, godspeed to you all during midterms, student or non student.

  Have a wonderful day, and remember: keep it nice, keep it bold, and above everything else, keep it lofty, folks.