2014 Paris AutoShow: VW XL Sport

VW is on a roll this Paris Auto Show! First they stole the show with the Lamborghini Asterion. And now they literally shocked everyone with the unveiling of the XL Sport Concept. The XL Sport is basically the VW XL1, VW’s car that achieved 260mpg, except instead of the .8-liter diesel hybrid under the hood, this XL Sport packs a Ducati sourced twin-v engine.

This motor revs till 11,000rpm and produces around 200hp. The car itself weighs in at about 1,962 pounds, for comparison a Toyota Corolla weights 2,900 pounds and packs 130hp. This car is light. I mean super light. Stupidly light. Brilliantly light. So light, that the 200hp motor actually works out pretty well. The XL Sport will hit 60 at around 5 seconds, not supercar fast but faster than a majority of things on the road. It supposedly will top out at 170mph.

The XL Sport will most likely not be as efficient as it’s old brother, however I would still expect close to 100mpg. The superb aerodynamics, combined with the small motor displacement and lightweight will provide a significantly higher level of fuel efficiency when compared to similar spec’d cars. It is still a concept, however VW has stated that a limited production is a possibility. We will update you once more information is released. Until then, enjoy the pictures and keep things lofty.