Lamborghini Asterion

This new Hypercar hybrid nonsense is getting a little out of hand. We originally had the McLaren P1, the Ferrari LaFerrari, and the Porsche 918 Spyder duking it out for hypercar supremacy. And now we can add Lamborghini to the fight with their Asterion LPI-910 Concept.

Now, Lamborghini made a bold claim a few months ago, stating that they would never incorporate a hybrid power train into their vehicles. Looks like the suits at VW weren’t having any of this, as the Asterion is a hybrid. It has a standard issue Lamborghini V10, producing around 610hp. However, instead of a dingy 100hp or 200hp equivalent electric motor for assistance, the Asterion has a monsterous 300hp equivalent electric motor. This motor allows the Asterion to do 77mph and about 35miles completely on electricity, for comparison the McLaren, Porsche, and Ferrari all struggle to top 10 miles on a charge. Combined, the Asterion is packing a respectable 910hp, and about 700lb of torque by my calculations. And with Audi’s engineering team behind all of the tricky bits, you can be rest assured that all 910hp will be put to good use!

Another department where the Asterion excels at is styling. Who would’ve thought that a Lamborghini would be the most composed Hypercar. It’s aggressive, but also grown-up. Not overdone, pin-up styling like the P1 and LaFerrari. And it’s not only on the exterior, but also all on the interior front. This car actually looks comfortable and a joy to drive. There appears to be quite a good amount of leather and padding used. All the toys are there, and it’s looking like a useable car, unlike the other 3.

In short, the Asterion is what we needed. A nice grown-up hypercar. Still a little shocked that this made by Lamborghini, a brand synonymous with being “all things evil” and then some. Oh well, I guess change is sometimes good…right?