YouTube Channels for Car People

With technology these days, we do not have to quench our thirst for automotive bliss with only print magazines and pinups. We can simply go on a computer, and choose from millions of car related videos to watch. Here are  5 YouTube channels for car related content that I feel are worth watching.

 Tim "Shmee" Burton

Tim "Shmee" Burton

5. Shmee150

This is the official channel of the successful entrepreneur and car lover Tim “Shmee” Burton. He is based in London, however frequently travels around the world to attend car related events, at locations like Dubai and Monaco to name a few. Shmee’s videos are usually from a first person view, high-lighting the features, and performance data of all types of cars. Shmee also includes driving clips of almost every car records. And most importantly, Shmee is an overall cool dude, who posts on a regular basis, and listens to his fans. Shmee150 probably has the most up-to-date car related videos on YouTube.

4. Pertrolicious

If you’re in for a bit of automotive nostalgia, and history then Petrolicious is the channel to watch. They create videos of some of the most ran and collectable cars on the planet. But instead of just showing stationary video in a museum, Petrolicious records these vehicles in motion, being pushed hard, by their actual owners. On top of this wonderful footage, the owners of the vehicle give commentary about the car, it’s history, and also their history with the car. Even though Petrolicous posts only once a week, their content is well worth the wait. It could be featured on television, that’s how good it is.

3. Jorrie2/Gumbal/Marchettino

In a three-way tie are Jorrie2, Gumbal, and Marchettino. All three are car-spotting channels that are based in Europe. All three provide excellent videos on super cars being driven, as well as compilations of specific vehicles. Jorrie2 and Gumbal post regularly, while Marchettino posts a little less frequently. However, Marchettino does post some great exclusive content, like hot lapping with Valentino Balboni (Lamborghini’s legendary test driver). Never the less, all three are channels that provide superb car related content.

Jorrie2 Video

Gumbal Video

Marchettino Video

2. Car Throttle

A relative new comer to the YouTube car scene, but definitely one of the best there is. Car Throttle is a car centric website and YouTube channel that posts some of the most modern, thorough, and funny content on the web. From car related lists, to car reviews, to funny car related skits, whatever Car Throttle posts is well worth your view time.

1.     Vossen Wheels

Now, I am in no way sponsored or endorsed by Vossen Wheels (even though I wish I could be). Vossen Wheels are the Salvatore Ferragamo of after market wheels. Their stylish, well built, and meant to be driven on. With that said, Vossen is probably one of the coolest car companies in the game. They regularly meet-up with fans (across the globe), showcase the cars of their customer’s, and do a freaking good job at it. Professionally created videos, by freelance editors and cinematographers, excellent music choice, and the hottest cars on the market (and not only expensive models). Vossen does it all; just watch any of their videos for proof.