More YouTube Car Channels Worth Your Attention

The last Oh So Lofty article involved a list of high-quality automotive YouTube channels, perfect for entertaining nearly anyone interested in cars. However, those channels were just the tip of the iceberg, and there are many other channels, such as the 6 I will introduce below, that also deserve our lofty recognition.

6. EVO 

EVO was originally started as an automotive magazine, but in order to keep up with technological advances and their competitors, they established a very impressive car channel. From up to date news from international auto shows to reviews of supercars of all makes, EVO has an expansive selection of videos to offer.

5. TaxTheRich100

If you're the type of person that enjoys watching priceless cars, from the Ferrari 288 GTO to the ultra-rare Bugatti EB110, doing massive burnouts, powerslides and other types of low-traction antics, this is the channel for you. The mysterious men behind the channel leave their identity a mystery, but their driving definitely makes a statement about them.

4. Autocar

Like EVO, Autocar is another automotive magazine that has made a name for itself on YouTube. From world-first reviews of the latest hypercars to intense car duels around various English circuits, Autocar has something to enjoy for everyone that appreciates performance cars.


3. TheSmokingTire 

The Smoking Tire is a California-based automotive channel, focusing on a wide variety of cars, from the most innovative new sports cars to tuner cars of every variety imaginable. The videos, ranging from one-take reviews to track days and cross-country road trips, give brutally honest opinions of each and every car they test, allowing the viewers to be able to imagine what driving the cars might really be like.

2. Jay Leno's Garage

How could a list of great car channels be complete without some input from one of the most well-known car guys in the world? On this channel, hosted by the former Tonight Show host and legendary car collector Jay Leno, Jay gives the viewers an up-close and personal look into each and every car he features. From the endless amount of exotic cars in his possession to the truly incredible cars many of his special guests bring in, this channel is not one to miss out on.


In the past few years, XCAR has made a name for itself as one of the premier car channels on YouTube (in my lofty opinion). This channel not only reviews some of the latest and greatest cars, but also takes unique looks back through the history of some of the most influential cars and manufacturers since the beginning of the automotive industry. This approach, along with a very passionate staff of hosts, enables XCAR to stand out with a personality of its own.