2016 BMW X5/X6 M: Straightjackets Required

Ok, I hate sport SUVs. I hate that almost always, these sport models lose the functionality of traditional SUVs (except in the case of the Cayenne Turbo). I also hate the over inflated price tag. But they sell surprisingly well, and because of that they are here to stay.

BMW just revealed their next generation X5 M and X6 M. Both pack a Twin-Turbo charged V8, similar to the one found in the M5 and M6, which get’s its power directed to all 4-wheels. They are lower riding, with a wider stance, and a stiffer suspension. This means that they’ll be able to whip around a track with the same mobility as Derrick Rose after his injury. But, unfortunately because of all of this sportiness, you won’t be able to actually off road with this thing, or use it in severe weather (Chicago winters…).  

But, if you have an extra $150,000 laying around that you do not want to invest in stocks, or give to your kids, or put towards something useful, then these cars are perfect for you! You’ll be able to get your straightjacket-enclosed body into the cabin sometime next year. For those of us who are a little less exciting, the regular X5 or X6 will do fine.