Ferrari Flying solo: The Possibilities

So Ferrari may be flying solo soon. This is both a good and really bad thing. On a positive note, Ferrari as a company is quite solid. They produce a large number of engines for Maserati, which will only continue as Maserati’s sales increase, they have a legendary F1 team, and the name Ferrari is just popular. But, if Fiat does in fact sell Ferrari, then shares will be traded on the NYSE. This means that financial documents, and other things that were kept under covers will need to be made public, no matter how ugly or good they are.

 Another thing that could happen is Ferrari may start going with the crowd. They may begin to make SUVs or cheaper vehicles, not something I would really want to happen to such an iconic brand. Ferrari is a luxury brand, but when it comes to business, identity is sometimes forgotten in the name of profits. Hopefully this doesn’t occur, but anything is a possibility.

Speaking of possibilities, another company could also scoop Ferrari up. The main players are VAG (Volkswagen Auto Group), Daimler, Toyota, and GM. If I had to choose, I’d let Daimler take the reigns. That being said, I still wouldn’t be happy. Ferrari is Italy, much like how McDonalds is America. It just doesn’t feel right. Enzo would not be pleased.

Anyways, expect more information to be released soon. Until then, think of the possibilities. 

 A Young Enzo Ferrari

A Young Enzo Ferrari