Old Dog, New Tricks: Lister Automotive is back

It’s been close to 25 years, but the small, British racecar maker, Lister, is back with a new concept car. The yet to be named concept is being created to take on the Ferrari LaFerrari, the McLaren P1, the Porsche 918, Koenigsegg Agera, and Pagani Huayra. That’s quite a tall order, but the specs for this concept seem are far from short. A 7.8-liter, Supercharged V12 (producing close to 1000hp) will supposedly be able to propel this beast to 250mph and onward. It is being referred to as a “world beater” by it’s Lister’s head, Lawrence Whittaker.


Now, if this were any other small sports car company, I probably would brush this off as nothing special. But the thing is, Lister could actually pull this off. Lister began life as a racecar manufacturer, however also offered customers street versions of its racecars. Lister has competed in Le Mans, with some success although they never actually won.


Lister really began to shine when they started to tune Jaguar XJs, by fitting 7.0-liter V12s into them. This lead to Lister creating the Storm. Only 3 Lister Storms are left, with only 4 being built in its production life. However, the Storm had the reputation of being the most powerful 4-door streetcar in the world, until 2006 when Brabus came in with the Rocket.


Even though very few people may know Lister, they should not be overlooked. Lister has the skills to pull this concept off. Stay tuned in for further developments.