Aatish's Top 11 Cars of 2014...So Far

Since today is a special day, both Veterans Day and my Birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to make a special post dedicated to cars. So since it is the 11th of November (the 11th month of the year incase you didn’t know), here are my top 11 cars of 2014…so far.


11. 2015 Mercedes C-Class w205


With the new C-Class, Mercedes made it clear that the C-Class is no longer an entry-level Benz. It's luxurious and refined; basically a mini S-Class. The price is steep, but after spending quality time with one at a dealer, it doesn’t seem that steep for the amount of car your getting.


10. 2015 Audi TT


Audi’s new TT is a for-taste for all up-coming Audi’s. The new cockpit style interior is brilliantly designed, as is the new technology that is encompassed within it.  Engines could use an update; the 2.0t is kind of boring. Hopefully we will see something come next year. Still an awesome car.


9. 2015 BMW M235i


This is a contender for my next car. The M235i is as close to an old-school BMW as it gets.  A powerful Turbo I-6 in the front, driving the rear wheels of BMWs best looking car in a long time. Tack on the M-Permance exhaust and the M-Performance steering wheel and it really doesn’t get any better for the money your paying. 


8. 2015 Volkswagen GTI


A small, sophisticated, German hatchback with a souped up Turbo 4 and a clever front differential. Add to the fact that it can return 30mpg, curb-stomp 70% of the cars on the street, and hold 4 friends. This is a really, really nice car.


7. Lexus RC


Probably the biggest surprise of the year. The RC is great looking, great driving, and has great value for money. Plus, it’s a Lexus, which means you expect luxury, refinement, and reliability from the RC.


6. 2015 S-Class Coupe


A real OGs car. A direct relative of the ultimate bawler mobile, the SEL. The S-Class coupe, too me at least, signals Mercedes’ return to uncompromised luxury and refinement. It has crystal in the headlights, silver in the wood, and arguably the best ride in the world. It is the best Luxo-coupe you can buy (yes better than Bentley and Rolls).


5. 2015 Porsche 911 4S


Yes, I could’ve chosen the Turbo, or the GT3, or the even the over-engineered Targa…but I didn’t. Here is why. The 4S can be driven everyday, all year long without missing a beat. It’s comfortable when you need it, can handle all weather you throw at, and demolish high miles, Vettes, and the speed limit like no other car out there.


4. 2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe


The F-Type Coupe is the only Jaguar that I would actually consider buying. It sounds brutal, looks superb, and it’s seemingly well built (for a Jag). Personally, I’d go with V6 over the V8 just for the extra efficiency, and because of the snap, crackle, pop you get when you flex it.


3. 2015 Aston Martin Vanquish


I’ve loved Aston since I was a kid. I’ve love their heritage, their style, and their sound. The new Vanquish is essence of Aston Martin in car form. It's immensely powerful and with the new 8-speed transmission, the Vanquish. transfers the power effectively It’s sophisticated, cool, and powerful. It’s lofty.


2. 2015 Lamborghini Huracán


If I had all the money in the world, the Huracán would be my daily driver. Yeah, the Aventador’s cool and all, but not practical. It’s too wide, to long, and too low. There’s no storage space, and it feels like the car is controlling you. The Huracán isn’t. The Huracán has the right proportions, the right amount of power, and most importantly right amount of lunacy.


1.     2015 BMW M3 F80


I am love with this car. It is the only car to hold a candle to my all time favorite daily driver, the Audi RS4. Power is plentiful, yet manageable. It’s as practical as a 3-series (which is very practical) and yet can take on a Vette if needed to. The exhaust sounds great, and so does the Harmon Kardon stereo. It is the ultimate daily driving machine, which is why it is number 1 on my list.