Shelby GT 350: Get Pumped

The Shelby GT 500 was a superb car. 650hp from a supercharged V8, being pushed through the rears wheels is plain ludicrous, flamboyant and rude. It was a middle finger to the Germans and Italians with their comparably small, and turbo charged engines. It was America in a car.

The new Shelby GT 350 continues the flipping off of the Europeans. Powered by a 5.2 liter, Naturally Aspirated, flat-crank V8, the GT350 makes more than 500hp and 400lb/ft of torque! It is the most powerful NA engine Ford has ever produced!


The chassis is tighter, thanks to braces, and carbon-fiber injection molding. A MagnaRide damper system (the same used in Ferrari’s of this day and age) is a first for the Mustang, which will allow it to cope with almost any road condition. Front tracks, springs, and bushings have all been tinkered with to handle the extra power. Stiffer alloy wheels, Brembo 6-piston brakes, a 6-Speed manual, and a Torsen LSD…standard!! What!?! (OMG)

Yeah I’m excited, and you should be too. The GT 350 will be officially unveiled sometime this week at LA. Until then, check out the sick photos and video trailer linked below.