Audi Prologue: The Future of Audi

The wait it over. Audi just unveil the Prologue, a representation for the future of Audi as well as a possible production car disguised as a concept.


The Prologue, as stated by Marc Lichte, is a representation of Audi’s core values in the form of design. The sharp lines for the intake and hood signify Audi’s sportiness. The arches on the side are an ode to Audi’s Quattro system. And the interior, which has mostly touch-screens instead of buttons, demonstrates Audi’s continued embracement of technology.


Honestly speaking, I think those statements are more style than substance, as I really don’t see Quattro in the wheel arches. But it doesn’t matter because the Prologue is a gorgeous Audi. Simplicity, if utilized correctly, to me is the most complex you can get. The lines are few and sharp, the stance is athletic, and the wheels ohhhh the wheels are nice. There are no wide fenders, or razor blades, or bodacious donks on the Prolouge. It’s much simpler.


Mr. Lichte stated that the Prologue is a teaser for the next gen A8, S8. I think it is safe to assume that there will be an A9 of sorts in the near future. Never the less, the Prologue has left me wanting more from Audi. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for more Audi.


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