2015 GTR Nismo: The Samurai

The GTR has been apart of Nissan’s lineup since 2007, and the 1990s if you consider the Skyline GTR. In the 7 years it has been in the market, Nismo (Nissans performance division) has not had the chance to work their magic on the current GTR, until now.  Introducing the 2015 GTR Nismo, which is the most ludicrous and lofty take on the GTR to date.

Compared to the seemingly tame 545hp of the regular GTR, the GTR Nismo pumps 600hp out of the same, base 3.8-liter V6 with the addition of two high-capacity turbo chargers (which are the same ones from the Nismo GT3 racecar). With Nismo’s legendary tuning, the extra 50hp allows the Nismo GTR to sprint to 60 in less than 3 seconds! And with an optional titanium exhaust (which will cost you a totally worth it $13,000), the Nismo GTR will alert the 458s and 911s of its arrival.

The engineers at Nismo have also fiddled with the suspension and aerodynamics of the GTR. A new, stronger, race tuned suspension has equipped to allow the GTR to cut through the corners, as if it were a Katana in the hands of a Samurai. The carbon fiber front and rear wing, in addition to the new intakes and forged Ray’s rims, result in more down force, less weight, and better break cooling…oh and it looks freaking rad…bruh.

The only problem with the GTR Nismo (and frankly all GTRs) is the price. The GTR Nismo will set you back at least $150,00 with prices topping out at under $168,000. Now if this weren’t a Nissan, that figure would be fine. However, Nissan also produces the Versa and Sentra (some of the cheapest and horrid cars out there). For the same money you could get a 911 Turbo, a nice, grown up sports car with better specs and resale value. With that said, the GTR is still a great car, and the Nismo is even better. If you are an enthusiast, and can get past with the fact that this you paid $150,000 for a Nissan, then the GTR Nismo is the car for you.