Aston Martin

Well in a fortunate series of events, Aston Martin has been granted permission to continue selling the DB9, V8 Vantage, and V12 Vantage in the United States without modification until 2017.

Incase you aren’t aware, the not-so mean people at the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) enacted new guidelines concerning side-impact standards. Aston, being a relatively small player in the automotive industry, could not comply with standards, as it would cost close to $30 million, which is quite a bit of their budget. In desperation, Aston filed a petition requesting exemption from these guidelines until the next model generation for the vehicles affected (DB9 and Vantage Models).

Seeing that Aston could be destroyed, the cool people at the NHTSA cut Aston a break. This, combined with Aston’s partnership with AMG, the road is looking wide open for the cool, British sports car maker.