Watch Out Rolls-Royce: It's the Bentley Grand Convertible Concept

For a number of years now, the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe (the two-door, convertible version of the biggest model in Rolls' lofty lineup) has had nearly no competition. Understandably so, as many car makers have no plans to get into the market of massive convertibles that cost far more than the average house. However, Bentley, the long-term competitor of Rolls-Royce and fellow British master of luxury, have finally created a car with the hopes of luring some customers away from the owners of the spirit of ecstasy.

This new model, a two-door, convertible version of the biggest model in Bentley's lineup, the Mulsanne, is a concept that has debuted this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show. This concept has not been confirmed for production yet, but after just looking at it, you will probably agree with me that it would be a huge mistake for Bentley to not produce this car. The Grand Convertible oozes luxury and elegance, from its tasteful, two-tone paintjob to its subtle body curves. This, along with the biggest single piece of wood ever featured on a Bentley and a beautifully constructed interior, make the new Grand Convertible a real sight to behold.

In typical Bentley fashion, the Grand Convertible is also extremely powerful. Utilizing Bentley's 6.75 liter, twin-turbo V8, this brute of a luxury car is capable of 530 horsepower and 811 lb ft of torque. Yes, 811 lb feet. It might seem a bit excessive, but considering this car probably weighs more than many of the houses it will be parked outside of, as most Bentleys are, this power will allow the Grand Convertible to be a quick car, without repeatedly spinning the rear wheels as you pull away from a red light.

This car is exactly the type of car I have been hoping Bentley would introduce. It's big, powerful, elegant, and luxurious enough to take on any competitors the automotive world can currently throw at it. So please Bentley, build it!