Cars I am Thankful For: Aatish

Cars are a huge part of my life. They have shaped me in every way somehow. Hell, they are the reason I start OSL. So, since it is Thanksgiving, here are the cars that I am thankful for.


Audi RS4 B7

The RS4 B7 was the car that got me into Audi, and to this day is my unicorn. It’s supremely powerful, and yet practical enough to drive on a daily basis, all year long. It’s got 4-wheel drive (Quattro), 4-seats, a nice size boot, and a bunch of luxuries like navigation and a Bose Hi-Fi. And at the same time you have a 4.2-liter, 420hp jackhammer of V8, a 6-speed manual, and a LSD to play with. I love this car a lot, so much that I still look for a good used one to purchase. This is one of the cars that got me into cars, which I why I am thankful for it.


Mercedes SL-Class

Ok. So this isn’t the fastest, best looking, or most bang for your buck roadster you can buy today. But it carries status. The SL, like a Rolex on the wrist, signifies you made it. It’s the best and classiest vehicle Mercedes has to offer, next to the S-Class. It’s big, comfortable, and powerful and yet drivable on a daily basis. You could be cruising to the country club, or roaring down Lake Shore Drive. And the best part, it only have 2-seats. The SL is a car I grew up with, and a car that I hope I continue to grow up with, which I why I am thankful for it.



M3’s are often associated with D-Bags. This for the most part is true; a majority of M3 owners (and BMW owners in general) are in fact D-Bags. That being said, I still love BMW, especially the M3. Like RS4, it’s immensely powerful and yet easy to live with. And the best part, you can buy one, new in the US! Audi (stupidly) pulled the RS4 from the US market in 2008, which made me sad. But, the M3 is still here, which is why I am thankful for it.


Ferrari F12

The Ferrari F12 is what the Lamborghini Countach is to my dad. It’s the car I keep pinned up on my wall, providing me with the will to continue working hard in the hopes to one day own this beast of a machine. It looks superb, with its air channels and athletic stance. And with its 720hp V12, it’s fast…like really fast. I get asked all the time what my dream car is; this is it. The F12 is the car of my dreams, and I hope one day it becomes a car of my reality, which is why I am thankful for it.


Aston Martin

Limited production, elegant design, and superb performance are the basics of sports cars, yet most sports car makers have gone away from these principles. Not Aston Martin. Aston Martin is the definition of cool and sophisticated. They have stuck to these principles from the beginning, and continue to through this day and age. Aston Martin is one of the few “true” sports car makers left, which is why I am thankful for them.