The Radical SR8 RSX: The Scariest Radical of Them All...

For years, Radical, the small British track car manufacturer, has had the same strategy: to create small, lightweight cars that provide an unparalleled experience on a race track. Over the years, they've created some exceptional cars, from road-legal monsters to full-fledged racecars. Their latest effort, the SR8 RSX, is the latest entry into their line of high performance cars, and is quite possibly the most intimidating car they have ever produced.

Following the introduction of Radical's street-legal coupe, the RXC, the SR8 RSX is an open-top racer that ditches Radical's turbocharged V6 for an even more mental 3 liter V8. However, this isn't just any other small-displacement racing V8. This engine is completely bespoke, capable of 440 horsepower and a 10,500 rpm redline. Add that to Radical's newest body, capable of a claimed downforce of just under a ton, and this car all of a sudden becomes even more of a monster. Then consider that this SR8 also weighs less than a ton, and you have the recipe for one of the most capable track cars ever produced.

In the constant pursuit of weight balance in order to aid performance, Radical has fitted their lightweight, seven-speed paddleshift transmission into the back of the car, sideways. Radical has also introduced electric power steering in one of their cars for the first time, which allows the driver to choose their level of steering assistance. The RSX even features built in wifi for the sole purpose of being able to download your on-track telemetry. This allows you to take a look at your path through the track and find out where you can adjust your racing line for an even faster lap time.

Radical have outdone themselves this time. With this car following in the path set by the SR8 LM, which happens to be capable of lapping the Nurburgring in 6 m 48 s, the SR8 RSX should be nothing short of astonishingly quick. As the most powerful and aerodynamically advanced racer the British manufacturer has ever produced, it will undoubtedly provide the lucky few owners an adrenaline rush that is second to none.