Kawasaki Ninja H2: Riding the Hype?

When Kawasaki unveiled the Ninja H2R, everyone pretty much agreed that it was a two-wheeled coffin. And since it is a track only bike, Kawasaki thinks the same to. Kawasaki, none-the-less, was able to build hype around the H2R, hence they just announced the Ninja H2, the street legal brother of the H2R.


The H2 packs a seemingly scrawny 200hp, but still has a similar supercharged 1-liter stuffed between the crotch of the rider. It also comes with a bunch of sophisticated sounding electronic aids, which are supposed to keep you from killing yourself but honestly they are just their to give you false hope. In comparison to other bikes in it’s class, like the BMW HP4 and the Ducati Panigale 1299, this bike seems pretty standard issue in almost every way…apart from the price. The BMW HP4 goes for around $19,000; the Ducati will probably go for around the same. The Kawasaki goes for a whopping (when speaking about motorcycles) $25,000.


Kawasaki has given some justification towards the ludicrous price tag. For starters, this is a limited run, so prices will hold somewhat. Second, each bike is made to order. If I could make a comparison to a car, the H2 would be the Nissan GTR of bikes. It’s a performer, with clever engineering behind it. It’s exclusive, and pricey. But at the end of the day, it’s still just a product of Japan…not saying that’s a bad thing.