LA 2014: Audi Teases the A9

The LA Auto Show is in two weeks. So it comes as no surprise that automakers have started to tease their new vehicles for us to salivate over until the full reveal.


Allow me to bring to your attention the teaser trailer that Audi just released. The focus of this trailer is a mysterious, covered Audi sedan, presumably the A9 that everyone has been talking about. In the background, the new head of design for Audi, Marc Lichte, gives us hints on what to expect. He says his inspiration came from the Audi Quattro, or at least that’s what I got from it.


The video itself is good watch. It’s a textbook teaser, successfully getting the viewer somewhat excited for the A9. From viewing the video multiple times, and from multiple perspectives (including inside out), it has become apparent that the design of this car will be somewhat different from current Audi’s. It looks a little squarish, with a few defining curves. The rims look absolutely stunning, especially in the chrome finish. And the headlights seem to be a mix of A6 and A8. But, I am making assumptions off a covered car. So I may be completely wrong. Have a look at the video below, and comment on what you think the A9 will look like. It should be fully unveiled in about 2 weeks from today.