McLaren P13 Teaser: We're just as confused

McLaren Automotive just released a teaser for their new sports car, codenamed the “P13”. The P13 is McLaren’s entry into the seemingly affordable sports car market when you consider their current lineup; the $300,000 650s and the $1,800,000 P1. Expect it to pack a dinged down version of the twin-turbo V8 the 650s currently holsters. It will ride higher, be focused towards everyday driving instead of weekend blasts to Starbucks. Prices should be close to that of its rivals the Porsche 911, the Mercedes AMG GT and the Audi R8. Below is an artfully done teaser for the P13, called “#BlackSwanMoments. Now immediately, I thought of Natalie Portman and that weird movie she stared in. But after watching the video, it becomes clear that McLaren is expecting to make a contradiction to the norm. This is number 1 of 13 videos of this moment, so expect more details to be slowly revealed in the coming months.