Lexus RC: A Vanilla M3 Copy?

Lexus has always been associated with the color vanilla. People who drove Lexus’ were usually the quiet, conservative types who like to cuddle up in snuggie blankets, with a glass of Pinot Grigio on their ebony wood night stands that lay on the either side of their Amish made bed. However, with the RC, Lexus seems to have shifted their crosshairs to another group of people. Specifically, the hard drinking, LV sneaker wearing, “bro’s” who are M3 drivers. But is it really an M3 copy, or something totally different?

The RC comes in 3 flavors; RC-350, RC-350 F-Sport, and The balls to the wall RC-F. The RC-350 and F-Sport both look beautiful, with the lusty hood line and the Iggy Azalea rear end. The RC-F is like Gal Gladot from Fast and the Furious, sexy and scary at the same damn time. In short, the RC is a looker, no matter which flavor you choose.

On the inside, the RC is typical Lexus, which is really good. The seats are nice, the dash is clean, and you can get a nice LFA style Tach if you opt for the F-Sport or RC-F. Leather is plentiful, and if you’ve had Lexus then you know it’s super nice leather too. The RC probably has one of the nicest (if not the nicest) interior in it’s class.

Performance wise, the RC-350 and F-Sport both pack a 306hp V6, which is more than enough power for a normal daily driver. The RC-F comes strapped to take on the M3. It holsters a un-Lexus like 467hp 5.0-liter V8, with all of the power directed to the rear wheels. That’s more than the M3. The RC-F also has upgraded suspension, breaks, and transmission to handle this immense power.

Do keep in mind though, that the RC-F weighs about 3 Victoria Secrets models (roughly 400lbs) more than the M3. This is a lot, does affect the performance drastically. But honestly, in everyday driving you won’t notice it. The RC-F is a totally unexpected surprise from Lexus, and I welcome it with open arms.