The Ferrari FXX K: Another Level of LaFerrari

Great news for LaFerrari owners! The track-only, even more hardcore version of the LaFerrari has finally been debuted! Named the FXX K, it joins Ferrari's line of limited production racecars based on their road cars, behind the FXX (based on the Enzo) and the 599XX (based on the 599). The car's name is reminiscent of the original FXX racer, with the K representing the KERS hybrid system that it utilizes to help power the demon of an automobile.

On to the improvements. First and foremost, the Ferrari engineers decided that the already menacingly-powerful powertrain did not produce enough power, so they have increased the combined horsepower of the V12 and KERS system to 1,036 horsepower. The naturally-aspirated, 6.3 liter V12 is now capable of 848 horsepower (wow), with an additional 188 horsepower coming from the electric motor. This significant power increase, along with newly revised aerodynamics and Pirelli racing tires, should provide incredible straight-line acceleration, above and beyond the performance of the already-brutally-fast LaFerrari.

Speaking of aerodynamics, the LaFerrari has endured an aggressive racing redesign during its transition into a track car. At the front of the car, you will notice its new, multi-level splitter. Its new design allows the FXX K to cut through the air with incredible ease, as vertical fins on the sides of the splitter channel air over the car, while parts of it are also working to force air flow through the car's underbody. Another noticeable difference is the addition of a monstrous rear diffuser, which will undoubtedly do wonders to extract the air the splitter forces into the underbody. The most obvious change to the car's body is the addition of fins on either side of its retractable rear spoiler. These massive fins increase the efficiency of the spoiler when it's fully deployed, in addition to their aerodynamic benefits when the spoiler is hidden away. All in all, the FXX K is said to be capable of 50 percent more downforce than the road car it strongly resembles.

Like previous Ferrari XX models, the FXX K will be built in very limited numbers and will easily cost somewhere between cringe-worthy and heartbreaking. Considering it will not be eligible for any current racing series, that is a hell of a lot of money to pay for a toy. But for those privileged few that will eventually order one of these, it has the potential to be the most incredible and breathtaking toy they have ever owned.