Review: Audi A6 C7


            I’ll be honest with you. I’m writing a review about a car that I’ve owned for quite a while. In fact, it was my true first car. So there is going to be some bias. That being said, when I first received this car, I was kind of pissed off. It was hand-me-down, Albeit a damn good one but still. Back then, I wanted a BMW or RS-line Audi, not a business as usual, boring man’s car that I assumed this A6 to be. But after driving and living with this car for two years, I really think that any other car in its category falls short when compared to it. Having driven the competition on many occasions, I can abide by my declaration.

Now, the following review, that you may or may not read, is my first written review of an automobile. I’m still a WIP; so if there are any suggestions you have for me, please leave a comment! That being said, I tried to make this review as thorough as possible, and yet entertaining at the same time.  If you liked this review, expect more like this in the coming future. If this is not your style, so be it. That’s enough blabbering from me, on with the review.



 30,000 miles, 2 winters, no complaints....

30,000 miles, 2 winters, no complaints....

             Cars tell a lot about people, as do clothes and cologne. A person who drives an E-Class Mercedes would probably attire himself in Brooks Brothers, with a sprits of Polo Ralph Lauren cologne for the added prestige. On the other end of the spectrum, a person who drives a 5-Series Bimmer would probably wear Under Armor and Sperry’s, all while being drenched in Abercrombie and Fitch cologne or whatever it’s called.

Now, I’m not trying to be offensive to anyone who drives either of the vehicles listed above, I’m just trying to make a point. Certain people drive certain types of cars. Prestigious and relaxed folk tend to drive the comfortable and prestigious E-Class. Likewise, sporty, young folk tend to drive the 5-Series. In short, people drive cars that represent them…most of the time. So then, how are people who drive Audi A6’s? Well to figure this out, one must first get to know the car.


            Compared with its rivals, the A6 does do a good job at drawing itself away from the crowd. The 5-series, in my opinion, looks a little chubby, almost American. While as the E-Class is a bit to calm, a bit mundane. The A6, on the other hand, has a dynamic look. From the rear of the car, it looks leashed, not showing any signs of aggression (apart from hex-diffuser and twin-pipes). From the side view it continues this collected look, which is complemented by an aggressive stance. However, when stared at face to face, the A6 shows it’s aggressive side. The sharp headlights, the muscular body lines on the bonnet, and the uni-grill all impose aggression, but just the right amount. The red “Supercharged” badges located on the side of the fenders, which complement the Aviator Blue Metallic color quite well, further amplifies this aggression. 19in rims are a must for this car, the 18’s look disproportionate to the body in my opinion. 20s are even better if they are practical in your situation. This car still turns heads, especially with a fresh coat of wax. In short, it has looks to kill.


            The interior of the A6 is excellent. Build materials are superb. The not only look great, but also feel great. And they are quite durable, still looking clean and free of scratches after 30k miles.  Leather and wood is abundant, as well as soft touch plastic. Metallic bits also line some of the panels.  LED Lighting at night is impressive. It feels crafted, artisan made.

The dashboard is quite large. It houses a pop of display in the middle, which is where you can control MMI (More on MMI later). There is a little bit of wood on the passenger side with a nice, reassuring “Quattro” badge embedded in the middle. In my opinion, the curved design of the dash does seem to take a lot of space, making the cabin feel a little small. But then again, I’m not little.


The instrument panel is a mix of analog and digital. And analog speedometer and tachometer that hug a nicely sized, color display. You can access your phone, media, trip, navigation, and a few other things. LED lights are used to display fuel level and engine temp. The steering wheel provides everything you need to control the panel, as well a heating function. The feel of the steering wheel is great. It’s not to big, not to thin, and the leather provides great grip.

The seats provide great support and heat up quickly on cold days. The ventilated seat function, however, is not so great. Not only does it not provide enough airflow, the fans that provide the wind are very loud. This car also has quite a bit of road noise. But all of this is only noticeable when the stereo system is off.

Speaking of the stereo system, it’s superb. The Bose 600 watt system sounds good and provides very nice bass. The only thing holding the stereo back is MMI. MMI is not a bad system. But it’s not great. Yes it has Google map integration; yes it has Internet connectivity, and yes looks nice. But it is slow to connect to Bluetooth devices, not reliable with the Bluetooth connection, and lacks the refinement you’d expect when compared with the rest of the car. BMW iDrive is still my favorite infotainment system; Mbrace 2 comes second, with Audi MMI coming in last. 




            The A6 comes with 3 engine choices: a 2.0T 4-banger, a 3.0 Turbo Diesel V6, and a 3.0 Supercharged V6 (which is what I have). The S6 comes with a 4.0 twin turbo bomb of a V8.

In everyday driving, the engine and transmission are smooth. The 8-speed Tip-Tronic transmission is great, for everyday driving. The gear ratios provide smooth and swift acceleration.

However, when driving with a little more “spirit”, the transmission seems to hold the car back. If you simply put the car in sport mode, the transmission holds the gear longer…a little bit too long in my opinion. And if you switch into slapstick, expect to downshift at least 2 gears to have any fun. The exhaust noise is quiet. It’s not silent, but not pronounced, even at higher RPMs. It does have a nice growl and supercharger whine when pulling from a low gear. The brakes are nice, but lack feel. The steering is way too light and lacks feedback. The throttle response is good in sport, but just a little too lax in comfort. Chassis is nicely balanced, and the “Quattro” needs no explanation. It just works.

If were to suggest an engine, I’d probably say get the diesel. It’s a lot more fun to drive, sounds nicer in my opinion, and gets a better average when compared to both engines (I average 19 city, 27 highway).


Technology and Options:

 Beautiful headlights!!!

Beautiful headlights!!!

            The A6 comes with a board of options and packages to choose from. First there are 3 different trim levels (Premium, Premium+, and Prestige). I have the Prestige that has been nicely equipped. HIDs are standard for Premium packages; the Prestige gets bumped up to the superb full LED headlights. Standard sound system is ok, the Bang and Olufsen is good but not great. The Bose system is probably my suggestion for anyone looking at this car. Blind Spot is system is good, however it does become disabled for some reason on occasion. Rear-view camera and parking system are good but sluggish on cold days. BMW and Benz are tied for the best in my opinion. Lane assist, 360 view, and active cruise are all available as options as well.

In short, options and technology wise the A6 is on par with Bimmer and Benz.  Audi arguably has the best LED headlights in the game, and the worst parking system of the three. That being said, it still puts up a good fight.



          The A6 oozes quality. From the interior finish, to the sound the door makes when you close it, this car feels well built…and it is! 30’000 hard miles, and this car is still holding time. No drop in comfort or performance. And speaking of performance, this car has a lot! The 3.0 liter supercharged V6 is a dime of an engine. It looks aggressive, and yet composed depending on the angle it looked upon. It’s like Mont Blanc’s Legend cologne. It’s refreshing, and noticeable but not over powering. Think Armani. Unique, but not crazy. It’s as refined and matured as Jonnie Walker Blue Label.  It’s sophisticated. That’s the best way to describe the A6. Sophisticated.


 Fitting song for the A6.

Fitting song for the A6.