/Drive...is it ruined?

 The Pricing for /Drive+. Nice that there is a 14 day trial.

The Pricing for /Drive+. Nice that there is a 14 day trial.

For my first post, I have decided to write about a recent subject that is near and dear to my heart, /Drive’s move to subscription based media. Now, I’ve been a fan of /Drive from the start. I’ve watched all of their videos and have always found something to like about each and everyone. So you’d probably expect me to be seething with anger, on the verge of burning the hairs of Mike Spenelli one by one with a Zippo. But I am not.

In fact I am happy. I am happy that /Drive will be getting some steady funding for their projects. I am happy that /Drive will be able to improve upon and expand their content. I am happy that /Drive will be able to survive.

Now, I know what you may be thinking. /Drive was making money before with ads, true, and that they just got greedy. Both statements are true…to an extent. Yes /Drive was making money from ads, though probably not a lot when compared to what they can make now. And yes, greed may have something to do with their move to subscription-based media. But the thing is, the quality of their products require MONEY! And quite a lot. Not only in production costs, like cameras and editing, but also when you consider travel, fuel, and compensation for other peoples work. Costs ad up quick, and without a steady flow of cash, costs can quickly end production. With a subscription service, /Drive will be allowed to not only cover their current production costs, but also improve upon what they currently do. That could be in production quality or in quantity of content. 

$40 a year may seem steep, and it is, but think of it this way. People pay around $30-$40 a month for cable. Now think of the amount of channels you actually watch. Not the 140 so channels you pay for but the ones you actually watch. Now that $40 a year may not be looking so steep. That is because this is the future. Sooner or later, your not going to be paying for cable packages, but instead paying for content providers, like /Drive. This is the future, /Drive is just embracing it now. I applaud them for their effort and wish them the best of luck. And I encourage everyone who reads this article to seriously consider what I have just said and share with others.

I know that I won’t be missing any /Drive content, because I’m already subscribed. And so should you. 

Click here for the Drive+ YouTube Page