6 Cars that need to be back in the US

The US is one of the most important car markets in the world. Which is why it makes sense that new cars for the US are introduced all the time. But not all of them sell well, or, in some cases, the manufactures don’t see growth in the future. So some models get pulled from the market, leaving us car people empty on the inside. So here are 6 cars that need to come back to America.

1.    Audi RS4


The RS4 was graced upon us Americans from 2006 to 2008. It had the body of an A4, a $65k price tag, and arguably the best V8 engine ever put inside a car. This car was great, so great that it built quite the fan base. But when it came time for the new A4 to come out, Audi decided not to bring the RS4 back to America. Yes we have the RS5, a very good car, but it isn’t as practical as the RS4. The RS4 could be used to lug children around, to go on dates, to conduct business, to race, and much more. It was a multi-purpose vehicle, and a damn good one. Hopefully, Audi realizes that the RS4 was made for America, and brings it back with the next generation A4.

2.    VW Phaeton

The VW Phaeton is a classic case of judging a book by its cover. People saw the VW badge, and automatically assumed that this was an over glorified Passat.  But it wasn’t, it was a Bentley in VW clothing. The words quality and refinement describe this car completely. It was that good. You had technology from Audi, luxury and craftsmanship from Bentley, and VW for everything else. The result, a bargain luxury car that was ahead of its time. The Phaeton only lasted a short, single production run. It cost about $70k new, and now you can pick one up for around $20k. It rivaled the S-Class, the 7-Series, and even the A8. But us American’s couldn’t get pass the VW badge, and thus it is no more. There are rumors that the Phaeton will be revived in the coming years. One can only hope that those rumors are true.

3.    BMW 5-Series Estate

Estate cars (station wagons) aren’t really that popular today. One reason for this is because there really aren’t any cool estate cars available in the US. One such example is the BMW 5-Series estate. Before this current generation of 5-series, the US indeed had 5-series estates. But since they sucked, they really didn’t sell well. So BMW decided to pull estates altogether and grace us with the bastard of a car that is the 5-Series GT. The thing is, the new generation 5-series estate is actually pretty nice. It drives good, has great useable space, and actually looks nice, unlike the 5-Series GT. What would make the new 5-Series estate better? Bringing it to the US. What would put cherry on the ice cream? Releasing a M5 Estate in the US.

4.    Land Rover Diesel

Yes, that's a diesel

Range Rover’s aren’t known for their good fuel economy. In fact, they are notorious for being as thirsty as a girl in high school. But this wouldn’t be an issue if Land Rover kept diesels in the American market. A long, long time ago, before Land Rovers actually became drivable, one could opt for a diesel engine. Not only was it more efficient, but also the torque really helped with work. Now days, one can only get gasoline engines in the US. There are great diesel engines overseas, like the 3.0 Diesel Hybrid. But unfortunately we can’t have these engines, as the government likes to take vacations to exotic and expensive destinations. On a serious note, I really don’t know why Land Rover hasn’t introduced diesels to America yet. Maybe, just maybe they’ll realize their opportunity.

5.    BMW 335d

The 335d was sold in the US for about 2 years. In those years, a steady amount of people expressed their love for this awesome machine. Unfortunately, BMW USA thought this would tarnish their tough-guy image, and pulled the 335d from the US market. Now, we still have a 328d, but that’s a 4-cylinder turbo diesel. The 335d was a straight-6 twin turbo monster. It had more torque than an M3 E92. It could keep up with an M3 E92 up to around 40. And it could average 30mpg, even though it was being driven like an M3 E92. No other car has since been able to offer such driving pleasure. It was the first, and last true performance diesel in America. BMW, bring back the 335d. Just do it.

6.    Civic Type-R

Any hot Civic will come across as “rice” to most so called “car people” these days. However, the Civic Type-R is not rice, it is race. This car was the hottest, hot hatch money could buy. And it wasn’t even the most expensive. Honda most likely pulled it because people were buying this car over the Civic Si. But who could blame those people, the Type-R was the better car. With all of this new age JDM hullabaloo, one would expect Honda to do the fitting thing and bring the Type-R back to America. 

If you feel like I missed a car, let me know in the comments section!