First Look: 2016 Audi TT

The Audi TT is what I consider to be the “Lost” Audi. By that I mean people usually forget that it even exists. It never really seemed to catch on in America, or in any market really (when compared to other Audis). Think of it as Apple TV. Sure it sells, and it’s readily available for purchase, but you really don’t hear anybody talking about Apple TV, as they would say the iPhone. You see what I’m saying? It’s there, but at the same time its not.

Apple considers, or at least used to consider, the Apple TV as a hobby device for engineers. It’s used for experiments and tinkering around, with hopes that those experiments will go into the main products. The same can be said about the TT. It never really fit in with Audi’s line up. It wasn’t as charming as the A4 or sophisticated like the A8. But it was like a hobby for Audi’s engineers, a thing to implement new ideas to. It was the oddball of the family, and a pretty cool one.

2016 TTS

The 2016 TT is completely redesigned. The body is sharper and more toned when compared to the last gen TT. It doesn’t look as curvy or feminine; which means a guy like me could actually drive one and not get winked at by other men. The headlight, grill, and bumper design all do a good job at differentiating the TT from Audi’s current, repetitive lineup (you won’t confuse it with an A6, A8, or A3). Also, you get a retractable, rear spoiler; which is always a nice touch.

The TT looks pretty good on the outside, and even better inside! The interior is completely different from the previous generation, and the entire lineup of Audi! It’s absolutely stunning! A nice, angular dashboard houses the sophisticated air vents, control knobs and switches, and the instrument display! Everything just flows into place, and nothing seems out of proportion. It just works! The center console houses all the controls for Audi’s MMI system. The actual system is displayed on instrument display (or virtual cockpit as Audi calls it). Personally, I like this layout as it reduces the clutter on the dash; plus I can just glance down to see media info. Seats look frickin awesome! All in all, the interior of the new TT looks like a nice place to be.

Slick air vents!

Performance wise, this car has been hitting the gym. It’s 50 kilograms (about 100 pounds) lighter than the last generation TT. It’s also been taking pre-workout and doing bench-press, as under the bonnet it sports a new 2.0 4-cylinder turbo, which produces around 230hp. This is about a 20hp increase over the last generation TT. This combination of less weight and more power means that the TT will be no slouch. And for those who want something even faster, TTS will be released shortly after the TT is. Expect that to have close to 310 hp. Base model TTs will come with Audi’s Front wheel drive system. However, I’d expect most people to go with the Quattro, because it’s Quattro. Nuff said.

Expect the usual Audi options list when this car is released. The TT with the 2.0T will start around $41,000, while the hotter TTS will probably start around $50,000. And finally, both cars will be offered with a choice of a 6-speed dual clutch automatic…or a proper 6-speed manual gearbox. Expect a review once the car is released.