First Look: 2016 Aston Martin Lagonda

When I here Aston Martin, the word sophistication comes to mind. I mean they’re beautiful cars to look at, and at the same time brutal. The exhaust notes of Astons are some of the most hard-hitting sound waves in the atmosphere (yes, even harder than a A$AP Rocky single). And that’s stock out of the factory! I love Aston Martin and it’s cars, so it’s no surprise that when it was announced that the Lagonda would be revived, I giggled like a schoolgirl with joy.

And immediately that giggling transformed into crying as I soon learned that it would be a Middle-East special, no other markets would get it (at least that is what Aston is saying at the moment). Disappointed by this rubbish, I began to remember the original Lagonda.

The original Lagonda

The most reliable thing in the picture is the carpet and trim...

The original Lagonda was a creation of desperation. Aston Martin was in need of money, and was feeling risky. So they rolled the dice and created a hand built four-door car, The Lagonda. It featured a revolutionary computer system, which handled the entire instrument display (yes like the ones we have today) and other vital systems that where traditionally handled by mechanics during the mid 1970s. Oh, did I mention that it was the mid-1970s? Well it was, and as expected the British built Lagonda, with its British computer system, wasn’t that reliable. In fact, Time Magazine called it a “mechanical catastrophe”.  It was that bad, or at least mechanically it was bad. In my opinion, the original Lagonda is one of the best-looking Aston’s every made. Sure it’s not as curvy or athletic as the DB5 or Vanquish is, but it didn’t have to be. It was on a league of it’s own, speaking in terms of Aston Martins. The straight lines, and hunchback design gave this car a personality that was ahead of its time.

When the official pictures were released, I was taken back. The new Lagonda is gorgeous. It invokes presence, and plays with my senses, just as the original Lagonda. When looking at the Lagonda, from any angle, I feel almost intimidated; it’s bold, aggressive. It’s different. That’s the word, different. It’s no Rapidé nor is it a Vanquish. It’s a Lagonda. And it’s stunning.

So far, Aston Martin has just released photos of the cars exterior. The interior and technical details will be released in the near future. This car is for the Middle-East market only, and you need an invite to even purchase it. I really hope that Aston announces more markets for this car, as I think it should be shared with the world. I think it’s that good.