First Look 2016 Jaguar XE

Paris Auto-Show reveals have finally begun with the unveiling of the new Jaguar XE sport sedan. The XE will take on the Audi A4 (which is also due for an update), the beautifully updated Mercedes C-Class, and the legendary 3-Series Bimmer. Will it stand a chance; well let’s get into the facts.


The base XE will come with a 2.0 straight 4, turbo charged of course. Expect this to produce around 200hp and provide a decent mix of performance and efficiency. But let’s be honest, a 4-banger is weak. What you really want is the bawler of an engine 3.0 supercharged V6. This is the engine to get for the XE, or the XE-S as it’s called. The 300+hp combined with extremely stiff and light aluminum body means that this car will absolutely haul out of the corners.  And it will probably sound really, really good. And if I were Jaguar, I would probably plan to introduce the luscious supercharged V8 into the XE as well. You listening Jaguar?  I hope you are.

A little boring?

Styling wise, the XE is a mix of the XJ and XF. It looks bloody awesome when looking from the front and sides, but the rear in my opinion is a little too bland. A little hint of the F-Type’s bottom wouldn’t hurt. Interior wise, the XE has the works. The 3-spoke wheel, display screen, and transmission knob are all there, typical of Jaguar’s these days. It’s not really as eye-catching as it’s rivals on the inside, but it’s definitely not a bad place to be. Again, a little F-Type wouldn’t hurt here either. A cockpit focused towards the driver would really fit nicely And also Jaguar, put a proper stick in. Please.

Expect the XE sometime next year, most likely summertime. I expect it to start around the $35,000 for the base 2.0 and around $43,000 for the 3.0.