First Look: 2016 AMG GT

Boy oh boy oh boy. Mercedes seems to have nailed it with the new AMG GT. The new sports car by Benz will replace the SLS. However, instead of taking on Ferrari’s and McLaren’s like the SLS did, the AMG GT will fight bigger monsters. Specifically speaking, the Porsche 911 and it’s many versions.

The AMG GT will come in 2 versions, the base AMG GT and the AMG GT-S. The base AMG GT will come with a 4.0 twin-turbo V8 pumping around 462hp and 443 lb/ft. The AMG GT-S will be packing the same engine, however it will produce over 500hp. Mercedes is touting that the GT will hit 60 in 4.0s and the GT-S in 3.8s. I personally think those numbers are a little conservative. I’d expect somewhere in the mid to low 3s for the respective engines. Either way, this is a quick car, and from all the web special and teasers, the AMG GT will sound great as well. And with its aluminum body and suspension, it will probably handle pretty well too.

Styling wise, the AMG GT is probably one of the prettiest Benzes to date. The new curvy design philosophy is in full effect in the AMG GT. The front and rear are very nicely done. But it’s the side that takes the prize. I mean just look at it! I draw the exact silhouette in my notebook when sketching cars. It’s beautiful! Same goes for the interior. The center console is the focus of the interior, housing all of the buttons, knobs, and switches needed to control the car. Also, it’s artfully designed, not sharp but curvy. Seats look nice as does the wheel. A nicely crafted cabin for a car that shaping up to be BALLIN! (yes like Jim Jones) ! Expect it in dealers sometime next year with a price tag competitive to the 911s.