2016 4C Spider: "Drool"

The Alpha Romeo 4C is a bloody brilliant car. Yes, it’s as wide as Chris Christie, the ride is as stiff as a freshman at homecoming, and the build quality is questionable (like Kim Kardashian’s career)…but it is the beautiful, RWD sports car that we have been asking from Alfa for ages. Only thing that could possibly make it better is if it came without a roof.


Well wait no more, because Alfa just unveiled the new, “totally uncalled for”, 4C Spider. Incase your wondering, that last sentence was full of sarcasm. See, the 4C Spider was pretty much confirmed a month back after some photographers managed to grab many, high resolution, tastefully take photos of a totally naked 4C Spider on the side of a road. But no matter, we appreciate the official announcement as now we have even more high-resolution spreads of the sex on wheels that is the 4C.

Incase your wondering, the 4C Spider is still powered by the 1.7-liter Turbo 4, which produces 237hp. Power is still directed to the rear wheels (where it should be) and the deletion of the roof has only added 22lbs to the overall weight.

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