The Acura NSX: Japan's 458 Rival Has Finally Arrived

For years, the old NSX (which was known to most of the world as a Honda rather than an Acura) did battle with the sports cars of its time, before eventually ending production in late 2005. The mid-engined, V6-powered car was loved and respected in the car community, but was never really considered extraordinarily fast. Fast forward ten years and the new production NSX has finally been revealed, a car with the Ferrari 458 in its crosshairs. This new car is incredibly advanced, featuring Acura's (and Honda's) take on the hybrid systems used in cars such as the LaFerrari, P1, 918 Spider and i8, and is poised to leave a lasting impression on the supercar market.

NSX 1.jpg

Let's start with the engine. The new NSX will be powered by a combination of a twin-turbocharged V6 and three (yes, three) electric motors. The petrol engine will power the rear wheels, while each of the front wheels will be powered by an individual electric motor. The third electric motor is in place simply to fill in the torque gaps created by the engine during the time the turbos are spooling up. While no official power figures have been released, Honda has stated that the car will produce upwards of 550 horsepower. The power is fed from the various power plants in the car to the wheels through a nine-speed, dual clutch transmission. To me, that seems like an excessive amount of gears, but I'm sure that Honda and Acura will be able to make this transmission work incredibly well with the rest of the car.

In addition to the array of technology powering the car, just as much effort has been put into making it handle the way a true supercar should. The systems playing a part in the car's performance include "Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive," "Agile Handling Assist" and "Integrated Dynamic System." These systems affect everything from steering and throttle input to braking the inside front wheels to aid cornering. Add to this the fact that the NSX's launch control system allows it to (allegedly) beat a GT-R off the line, and you are now looking at an incredibly capable vehicle.

I actually feel kind of bad for Acura at the moment, as much of their launch hype was taken away by the reveal of the new Ford GT at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Nonetheless, the new NSX looks absolutely fantastic and is poised to take down its rivals with its killer performance. The combination of performance, style and presence this new NSX possesses makes it appeal to me like no other Japanese car ever has. In addition to being brutally fast and incredibly good-looking, the NSX will also cost far less than several of its rivals, making Japan's newest supercar even more tempting. No official performance numbers or even the car's weight have been released yet, but I personally don't care. I want one regardless.