The new Ferrari F12 TDF

What a time to be alive! This year so far has been stellar for the automotive scene, with cars like the AMG-GT, M4 GTS, and 675LT bestowing their presence. The automobile industry is, for the most part, accelerating forward (pun completely intended) to new highs!

Now, one of the shining stars of this year is without doubt Ferrari. They split from Fiat, are launching an IPO with a ticker symbol of RACE (because Ferrari), and have arguably their best lineup of cars…ever. And today, Ferrari just expanded their already great lineup with the official unveiling of a new F12 variant. Introducing the new Ferrari F12 TDF

Based off Ferrari’s V12 touring flagship, the F12 Berlinetta, the F12 TDF is a track ready brawler, ready to take on whatever dares to cross it’s racing line. Compared to the relatively tame F12, the TDF is roughly 250lbs lighter, 40hp stronger, and much more aerodynamically inclined. The latter being quite astonishing considering the F12 aerodynamics were already quite stupefying.

Under the hood, the TDF still packs the masterpiece of a naturally aspirated 6.3L V12 that we all know and love from the F12, however it now has a few new bits and bobs which allow for the 40hp jump. The tappets, the mechanical device that lifts the valves corresponding from the camshaft, are now race-spec which mean they are more sensitive. The trumpet intakes are now of the variable geometry type, which allow for improved airflow. The double clutch gearbox is now 30% quicker at upshifts, and an insane 40% quicker on downshifts, when compared to the already lighting quick transmission found in the F12.

But the really exciting part of the TDF is the aero. This car doesn’t cut through the air; the air cuts around it. Seriously, it’s that sharp! At 124mph, the TDF generates roughly 507lbs of the downforce, which is double the amount of a regular F12 at the same speed. The bigger splitter, dive planes, wings, and “Aero Bridge” all assist in creating negative lift, keeping the car planted even at the stupidest of speeds. And thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber as well as removal of non-essential material, the F12 TDF sheds more than 250lbs off the standard F12 3262lb weight.

Now that we have all the technical stuff out of the way, let’s talk some numbers. 0-60mph takes 2.9s. 0-124mph takes 7.9s! Only 799 will be produced, and chances are they will be long sold out before deliveries even begin. Pricing hasn’t been announced, however I would expect Ferrari’s price inflation tactic to be in place.

Oh, and incase you wondering what TDF stands for, it’s Tour De France. No, not the blood infusion convention disguised as a bike race. This Tour De France in reference is the endurance race that took place between the late 1890 and mid 1980s, of which Ferrari dominated in the 50s and 60s.

Like the name or not, I like this car.

All I have to ask is, does it come in black?