First Look: The Mazda RX-Vision Concept

After teasing the public before the Tokyo Motor Show with dimly-lit pictures of a new sports car, Mazda has finally revealed its previously-shadowy concept, and it's a looker. Its official name is the RX-Vision Concept, and it previews what to expect from Mazda's long-awaited successor to the RX-8. Assuming it goes into production (judging based on looks alone, it should), this car would revive the RX-7 name, a title that holds a bit of historic significance with this Japanese brand.

The formula for the concept is as classic as you'd expect from a Japanese sports car. Two doors, two seats, front engine, and rear-wheel drive? Check. As you'd likely expect from a Mazda bearing the "RX" name, the engine sitting under the hood is none other than a Wankel rotary unit. Unlike most manufacturers in the world that have either turned away from the rotary engine, or avoided it completely, Mazda continues to show faith in the unorthodox powerplant, despite setbacks in efficiency over more standard engine choices. No performance numbers were quoted, but the engine's rumored to be turbocharged and capable of around 300 horsepower, which sounds like plenty for a car like this.

Not a whole lot else is known about the RX-Vision at the moment, but it seems that Mazda's done a fantastic job of whetting the public's appetite for a new sports car. I tip my figurative hat to the designer(s) of this wonderful concept, and I really hope to see this rotary-powered beauty reach production within the next few years.