The New Hennessey Venom GT

A few years ago, renowned tuner of all things fast and loud John Hennessey set out to create his own interpretation of the world's fastest car. He and his group of Texas-based engineers took a Lotus Exige, modified the bodywork (and pretty much everything else) to within an inch of its life, dropped a twin-turbo V8 in it (which produced an eye-watering 1,244 horsepower), and hit 270 miles per hour on a closed-off space shuttle runway. Not too bad, you'll surely agree. But, according to Mr. Hennessey, not quite good enough either. So the power-hungry people at Hennessey have taken what's arguably the most intimidating new car money can buy and turned it up a notch.

Next week at SEMA, the world's most tuner-centric car show, Hennessey will unveil the updated Venom GT. Power is reportedly up to a completely ridiculous 1,451 horsepower from the 7 liter V8. This is due to the Venom being tuned to run on E85, allowing them to run even more boost from the turbos. The result of this stupid (in the best way possible) amount of power is a 0-60 time of 2.4 seconds, a 0-200 time of 12.8 seconds (I think my head just exploded) and a top speed north of 280 (the little bits of my head left over just exploded again) miles per hour.

Hennessey is keen to remain at the top of the hypercar speed pyramid, and this new Venom GT is set to do just that. It's also just the beginning of their efforts, as the team is also working on the GT's bigger brother, the Venom F5, which is primed for a 2017 launch. Speaking of launch, it'll no doubt launch itself into the history books if it reaches its goal: topping 290 miles per hour. I guess the old saying is true after all; everything's bigger in Texas, including speed.