2016 BMW M4 GTS

A few months back, BMW took the covers off a pumped up version of their M4, dubbed the M4 GTS. Back then, we were presented with a big wing, orange painted highlights, and some talk about a water injection system. No numbers regarding output or performance were given at that time, leaving us car enthusiasts with feelings similar to those felt by white females as pumpkin spice latte season approaches. Anticipation, hunger, and immense thirst. Luckily, pumpkin spice latte season has come, and in totally no related circumstances BMW has released more information regarding the M4 GTS.

The M4 GTS has an official output of 500hp and 442 lb/ft of torque. That’s up from 425hp and 406 lb/ft of torque found in the regular M4. This increase in power is mainly a result of a new water injection, that if I am correct has been used in BMWs racing cars. Basically, this system cools the intake immensely, which equates to more boost for the turbo system, and ultimately more outputted power. This increase in power, along with about 100lbs in weight reduction, allows the M4 GTS to sprint to 60 in 3.7s! That’s .2s quicker than the regular M4.


Apart from the motor, the GTS also features a lot of aero enhancements in the form of a splitter, wing, and diffuser (all of which are adjustable by the owner). There is a new titanium exhaust system, which supposedly will stir the emotions of enthusiast all around.

The interior is stripped down for weight reasons, and also features a roll-bar. But don’t let that make you think that the GTS is a track only car. The GTS still has creature comforts, like a navigation system and parking assist. Also, unlike the regular M4 the GTS only comes with a 7-speed DCT transmission. The fast shifting DCT transmission may seem like a buzzkill, however I’m pretty sure the blistering fast 7min 28s Nürburgring lap time would not have been possible without it.

The M4 GTS is a limited production. Only 700 will be made globally, with 300 set aside for the United States. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but I would expect a significant premium over the standard M4. If you are interested in owning a GTS of your own, then inquire to your favorite BMW dealer for more information regarding purchase.