The new Porsche 911 Carrera 4

After debuting the new, facelifted and turbocharged 911 not too long ago, Porsche has now implemented these updates into its four-wheel drive versions of its classic sports car. This means that, as of now, the 911 Carrera 4 and 4S (both coupe and cabriolet versions), along with the Targa 4 and 4S, are now powered by turbocharged engines. These new powertrains come with subtle design tweaks throughout the car that were introduced with the recent 911 Carrera unveiling, along with an attractive new light strip that connects the tail lights.

All six variants of the 911 mentioned above are now powered by Porsche's new, 3-liter, twin-turbo flat six. Although purists may complain, protest, and reminisce about the old days, there's no denying that this new engine, especially when coupled with all-wheel drive, can produce some pretty wonderful numbers. Like the turbocharged Carrera and Carrera S, the engine has two power outputs, depending on how fast and furious the buyer is feeling. The standard Carrera 4 will produce 365 horsepower and 332 lb ft of torque, while the models ending in "S" will be capable of 414 horsepower and 369 lb ft of torque. In coupe form, the Carrera 4 will get from 0-60 in around 4.1 seconds, with the 4S reaching 60 in a properly quick 3.8 seconds. Not too bad for a comfortable sports car, eh?

A four-wheel steering system has also been introduced into the Carrera 4 lineup, something previously seen on the monstrous 911 Turbo, which allows the cars to handle better at low speeds, while improving stability and control once the speedometer really starts climbing. The rear wheels will turn slightly in the opposite direction of the front wheels while you're cruising around town (to reduce your turning circle and make it easier to get around), and they'll turn in with the front wheels while you're flying down the autobahn (so your high-speed lane change doesn't turn into a barrel roll).

It seems Porsche has created another great sports car, or, um...series of sports cars. Following the release of several other fantastic cars (the new GT3 RS and Cayman GT4), the engineers at Stuttgart are on a bit of a hot streak. These new four-wheel drive 911s are also paving the way for the next range of Carrera GTS models, so stay tuned to Oh So Lofty for everything you'll need to know about those once they're unveiled.