2017 Mercedes-Benz SL

Having pretty much updated every single car but the OhSoGood SL in their lineup, it comes with no surprise that Mercedes-Benz has freshened up the Super Light. The last SL was criticized heavily for having a very...err…interesting facial design. Let’s take a look and see if Mercedes has resolved this issue.

The 2017 Mercedes SL is mid-cycle refresh, as opposed to a totally new design. The extreme sloping nose really made the car look a bit awkward at certain angles, which is why Mercedes have entirely changed the front of the 2017 SL. Taking cues from the AMG-GT and the W222 S-Class, the new SL has a softer nose with supple curvy lines. In my opinion, this new nose really flows well with the rest of the body.

The 2017 SL gains a few new bits and bobs as well for this refresh. The base model SL, now called the 450 instead of 400, features a more powerful twin-turbo V6 with an output of roughly 360hp. The SL450 and SL550 both now feature Benz’s 9-Speed transmission. The AMG variants are mostly untouched, mechanically speaking at least, which doesn’t bother me as they were pretty much perfect anyways.

Creature comfort wise, the SLs now feature Apple Carplay integration, as well as automatic steering assist. Though not completely autonomous, the SL will control the steering to keep you centered in your lane.

And finally, my favorite new feature. The SL will now be able to have its automatic roof mechanism function while the car is in motion (up to 25mph). This will make those awkward red-light hold up a thing of the past.

Pricing for the most part stays the same, and deliveries should begin sometime in Summer 2016. Stay tuned to OhSoLofty for all your LA Auto Show news!