Cars: I'm Thankful For: 2015 Edition (Part 2)

Hello viewers and happy holidays!

Continuing off with my colleague’s, Jack Lavish, list on cars that he is thankful for, I will now list the fine automobiles that I am thankful for having been bestowed upon us this year. So, enough rambling and let me start this list off with the….

Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR

Now, I am not in anyway fond of SUVs. I find Range Rovers to be a bit “tacky”. I find the full names of the cars to be unnecessarily complicated. I think the whole idea of making a SUV a sports car to be stupid. And yet, I absolutely adore the SVR. The SVR is what a true SSUV (Sporty Sport Utility Vehicle) is. It’s stupid fast, can take corners, and looks downright menacing. It also can go off-roading, wade through 2 feet of water, and hold 7 people. Oh, and the noise that the supercharged V8 pushed through the rear pipes is absolutely orchestral!


It’s no secret I have a thing for BMWs, especially the M3/4 variant. The M4 GTS is the most hardcore BMW to date! Full-titanium exhaust, fully adjustable aero, and a racing water-injection system standard from the factory! Folks, it really doesn’t get any better than that.

Mercedes-AMG GT

The AMG GT is considered to many to be the greatest 2-door sports car on the market today! I’m not one of those people, however I will say that the AMG GT is an absolutely monster of a car. The design is perfect. The twin-turbo V8 is a masterpiece. And the price is right. This is the face of Mercedes, and it is a lot more than just a pretty face.