The Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Cabriolet

When Mercedes revealed its S-Class Coupe, with the V12-powered S65 topping the range, it introduced the world to a new offering in the high-luxury, high-powered coupe market. The Coupe combined an incredible interior and beautiful exterior styling with all the performance one will ever need, making many buyers interested in Continental GTs and Wraiths reconsider their purchase. The only thing the 2-door S was missing was the ability to take the roof off, and, predictably, Mercedes has addressed that problem. Allow me to introduce the S-Class Cabriolet, the S for those longing for a bit more wind in their hair.

Because this is Oh So Lofty, let's focus on the loftiest of all S Cabriolets, the S65 AMG. Powered by AMG's monstrous 6 liter, biturbo V12 engine, the S65 is capable of 621 horsepower and 737 lb ft of torque, which is sent to the rear wheels through AMG's 7-speed transmission. 0-60 happens in 4.1 seconds as the S65 rockets comfortably towards its 186 mph top speed (with the AMG Driver's Pack). As fast as the S65 is, mind-bending performance isn't really what it's all about. Yes, Merc's V12 drop-top buyers obviously care about speed, but if that was all they cared about, they'd buy the faster (and cheaper) AMG GT. The S65 is about effortless power and ultimate luxury, and it's got both in spades.


Before we get to the wonderful place where the S65's passengers reside, let's focus on its gorgeous exterior. It shares the same, eye-pleasing shape as the S65 Coupe, but now with a soft top that folds nicely behind the rear seats. This soft top blends nicely into the bodywork when up, but the S65 shines with the top hidden. The roofless S-Class allows the car's well-sculpted lines to speak for themselves, creating an incredibly elegant cruiser. Not only does it look good from the outside, but the ability to have the wind in your hair while driving will undoubtedly improve the experience.

The interior of the S65 coupe is lined with as much high-quality leather as you could imagine, and then some. This, combined with various wood or carbon fiber trim options, allows the S-Cabrio to feel as special on the inside as it looks on the outside. Just about every bit of technology and driver-aiding features Merc offers are available in this Cabriolet, many of which are controlled through the dual-screen display on the dashboard.

Mercedes can't seem to make a bad car lately. The latest model in the expanding S-Class family tree brings with it all the refinement, attention to detail and desirability of the other models, along with the handy ability to cruise with the top down. Pricing hasn't been announced yet, and it definitely won't be cheap, but "not cheap" is the price you pay for the ultimate in luxurious cruisers. For more on Mercedes, as well as everything else elegant, powerful, and trimmed with an abundance of cow hides, make sure to stay tuned to Oh So Lofty.