McLaren 675 LT Roadster: A Love Hate Relationship

The new McLaren 675LT Roadster is a car that I love and hate at the same time! I hate for a one reason only; it shouldn’t really exist. Allow me to explain. When McLaren unveiled the 675LT earlier this year, it was meant to be the most hardcore McLaren one could buy, besides the P1 of course. In fact, the 675 LT Coupe is considered by many to be the best McLaren since the venerable F1. It didn’t need a convertible version, which would (slightly) compromise the performance of the car…but convertibles are more popular with buyers and (most importantly) more profitable! The 675LT Roadster is a business move, or at least in my eyes. And I don’t like that one bit.

With that said, I love the 675LT Roadster because it’s the most hardcore convertible one can buy. The twin-turbo produce an evil 666hp and 516 lb/ft of torque, which propel the car to 60mph in 2.9s. Equally impressive, 675 LT Roadster will hit 124mph in 8.1s, which is only .2 seconds slower than the fixed roof version.

Now usually when a roof is taken off a car, the structural rigidity is compromised. In the case of the 675 LT Roadster, this theory does not hold true. Since the MonoCell chassis is composed of a lot carbon fiber, which is very very very strong, removing the roof has a negligible effect on the rigidity of the car. As a bonus, since carbon fiber is quite light, the deletion of the fixed roof combined with addition of a retractable hardtop system only adds 90lbs to car, when compared to the coupe.

Styling wise, the LT Roadster is beautiful. The Long Tail (LT) air-brake system that we’ve come to know and love is still present in all it’s glory. Also, the roof stows in before the motor, which mean it is still visible through the engine cover (Ferrari, take note!). The interior seems to be typical McLaren, sporty looking yet functional!

The 675LT Roadster is limited to 500 units, which sort of makes up for it’s conception. The LT Roadster is officially priced at roughly $310,000. Production starts sometime in Q2 2016, with deliveries beginning in the summer of 2016.