2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2-R: Hyperbike One

Hyper. The word invokes a sense of superiority, and otherworldliness to what it leads off. Put it in front of drive, and images of Star Trek come to mind. Place it in front of car, and the demonic chant of the McLaren P1 becomes audible. Put it in front of bike and you are presented with… well actually up until now there haven’t been any true hyperbikes. Honestly, it’s an issue that makes me lose sleep. Luckily, good old Kawasaki cares about my circadian rhythm, which is why they created the absurdly brilliant Ninja H2-R.  

So what makes the H2-R a hyperbike? Well for starters the H2-R packs a supercharged (let me repeat that) SUPERCHARGED 998cc, inline-4, which pumps up to 20.5psi of boost! This motor creates around 300hp! That’s a lot of power for a car, let alone a sport bike. Air supplied to the supercharger enters via dual ram air intake in the upper cowl. The supercharger is an in-house designed centrifugal supercharger. This means that higher revs equates to more power. Considering the high performance exhaust, and dog-ring transmission with a standard quick-shift, it quickly becomes clear that Kawasaki went all in with this bike on the performance front.  

The chassis is more of a work of art, as it an engineering feat. I mean, it looks like something a Bond villain would rock. The carbon fiber body work not only looks devilishly awesome, but also channels air as efficiently as possible. The trellis frame not only provides stiffness and strength, but is also extremely lightweight. According to Kawasaki, this frame complements the 300hp superbly, providing stability at high speeds.  KYB® AOS-II racing suspension makes its debut on this innovative machine. This suspension should provide unparalleled handling on the track. It should probably be noted that this is a track only bike. 

I may not have ridden many bikes in my life, however I do know that 300hp is a lot! Thankfully, Kawasaki cares about their riders, hence why the H2-R comes with a plethora of safety and electronic aids. Some highlights of the H2-R include a Brembo brake system, Kawasaki Traction Control, and my personal favorite launch control. Basically, the launch control will allow the almost any rider to laydown the 300hp as effectively as possible from a standstill. Also will immediately put a smile on your face. 

The H2-R will go on sale sometime later this year. It will cost around ~$50,000, and will be made to order. This may seem like a steep price for a bike, but remember that this isn’t just a bike. The H2-R is a hyperbike.