McLaren P1 GTR: HOLY S***

The McLaren P1 is as McLaren as it comes. It’s super fast, with its 903hp. It’s a super cool looking machine (just look at it!). And it has racing derived technology, like DRS and active aero. But, the P1 does not have any racing history. This is such a pressing issue, that I have not been able to concentrate on any of my work. In Fact, I’ve been drinking nothing but espresso laced with Adderall in attempt to concentrate (it didn’t work). All I could think about is what McLaren can do to make the P1 a racer, because the P1 is pretty much the perfect racecar. Well I I can now kick the habit, as McLaren just revealed the new P1 GTR; the diabolical racing cousin of the P1.

Now I know what your thinking, “What could McLaren possibly do to the P1 to make it more racecar-ish?” This is a valid point as the regular P1 is pretty much a racecar with turn signals. Hell, the glass is thinner to save weight, as opposed to being safe (whatever that means).  But at the same time, you have to remember that this is McLaren. McLaren is the same company that wants to replace windshield wipers with laser beams, because windshield wipers affect performance.

So, the engineers at McLaren did a few lines of Adderall, and miraculously improved upon the already race ready P1. The GTR weights over a 100lbs less than the already anorexic P1! This was achieved by replacing all of the windows with polycarbonate, a carbon fiber roof, and engine bay cover. And performance wise, we are treated to not only more power (up to 986hp from 903hp), but also a new Titanium and Inconel exhaust system with 2 (not one but) 2 exhaust ports!!! Also, the DRS (Drag Reduction System) has been reworked with a new wing design as well as more reworked incline range for the active Aero. The P1 GTR is not here to play. It's here to dominate.

And to tie everything together, McLaren painted the GTR in a throwback #51 McLaren F1 livery. In English, it’s yellow, with a green stripe and black inserts. It looks mean as hell! The P1 GTR will be shown off, in the flesh, at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. If you are reading this, and are lucky enough to attend, you can be assured that the entire OhSoLofty team envy’s you greatly.

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