Audi Prologue Avant: A Wagon for G's

A few months back, Audi revealed their Prologue concept, which we all can agree is brilliant. It was edgy, sophisticated, and actually different from all the current Audi’s. Too many Audi fans, it was the perfect Audi. So how does one improve upon perfection? Make it into a wagon (Avant) of course! Introducing the new Audi Prologue Avant Concept, best looking Audi since the Prologue.

As far as looks goes, the design philosophy of the Prologue Avant does not shift much from the original Prologue. The body lines are still continuous, and clean giving this car a minimalistic, and yet aggressive tone. Being an Avant, the roofline does not slope near the rear, instead it continues to create the iconic wagon shape us gear heads love. Also, unlike the original prologue, which was a 2-door luxo-coupe, the Prologue Avant is a proper 4-door hauler, meaning that I would actually spend my money on it.

On the performance side, the Prologue Avant packs a version of the 3.0l hybrid diesel power system that drives the new Q7. This means 455hp and over 550 lb/ft of torque being directed to all 4 wheels. Considering this, the dynamic all wheel steering, and Quattro it becomes quite obvious that this concept would be a joy to drive…if it actually makes production.

The interior is like the original Prologue concept, just bigger. There are now 4 seats and an updated version of Audi’s virtual cockpit. OLED technology is used through out, making this one high tech ride.

I honestly adore this car, and I am disappointed that it is a concept. Sure, the Prologue Concept line is similar to what the next generation A6 is going to look like, but not completely. Please Audi, make a production Prologue Avant. I’ll keep it in storage for you.