The Aston Martin Vulcan: FIRE!

Track day cars are a relatively young, hip, juvenile group of vehicles with no authoritative force controlling what goes…much like the over privileged, white girl posses that lurk around at what they call the “trap house” (aka Starbucks). The only difference between the cars and…those things…is that the cars are actually ethical. So naturally, when Aston Martin announced that they’re releasing a new track car called the Vulcan, we were giddy with excitement! And now that Aston has finally taken the covers off the Vulcan, we are not only excited but also somewhat scared for our lives. This car is a monster.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Roman Gods, Vulcan is the god of fire. This is a fitting name for this Aston as it is packing quite a lot of firepower. For starters, the Vulcan is armed with a 7.0L(heh, take that Green Party), 800hp V12, which resides underneath the bonnet. All that power is directed to the rear wheels. No fancy-smanshy electric motors, just good ol’ British engineering. Smashing

The Vulcan’s body panels, monocoque, and aero enhancements are all made of carbon fiber. Speaking of the aero enhancements, just look at them! That rear wing looks as if it could change the orbit of not only Earth, but also all the planets up to Neptune with it’s down force. And the rear diffuser is already causing my hands to bleed; it looks that sharp and I want to touch it!

The track only Vulcan will be shown off in the flesh at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show, which is quite soon. As always, expect OSLs crack team of writers (all 3 of them) to be working over time, providing you with the most Lofty content that is conceived from the show!